Ok, you just have to read this post from Gregory Luce.  He is in the process of evaluating the differences between an online will and one drafted by an estate planning attorney.  He gives a very fair, well-reasoned analysis of the document and “extras” along with it – the positives and the negatives.  As can be expected, there are flaws in the document.  I encourage you to read the comments at the bottom of the post as they point out many areas of concern.  Some of the items could cause the “effect” of the will to be drastically different than what Mr. Luce intended.

Of course I made sure to add my $.02, which centered on the wholly inadequate guardianship provisions.  I regularly refer to 6 common mistakes that parents make when naming guardians for their children and most, if not all, of them show up in this situation.

Read the post, read the comments, and then let me know what you think.  Sure, it may be less in the short run to do the cheap online will and have the misplaced peace of mind it provides.  But at what cost?  Disinheriting a child?  Having someone challenge it and win?  Having someone taking care of your children who you would never choose . . . or not in the order you would choose?  I look forward to your comments!