According to this article ( on Avweb, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing several changes to its pilot, flight instructor, and pilot school certification rules.  Among other things, it is proposing the following changes:

  • The definition of “complex airplane” would include airplanes equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) engines
  • Pilots of single-pilot-certified light jets would be required to pass a proficiency check
  • Efforts to make it easier to issue U.S. certificates to foreign pilots
  • Commercial pilot requirements, both single-engine and multi-engine, would be changed by replacing 10 hours of complex airplane aeronautical experience with 10 hours of advanced instrument training
  • Flight schools would be excused from having ground school space if they offer internet-based ground school training
  • Students would be allowed to apply for a private pilot certificate and an instrument rating at the same time

These are just a few of the proposed changes mentioned in the article.  You can read the proposed changes in there entirety here (  As these are only proposed changes, it will be interesting to follow them to see what comments are made and what eventually ends up making the final changes.