Helping families and business owners is what drives my passion for estate planning and business planning.  Here is a sampling of what just a few wonderful clients have had to say about working with me**.

“We loved the fact that Mike worked hard to place value upon the same things we valued.  He was an incredibly clear and efficient communicator and treated us with the respect and care of a friend.  Working with Mike gave us the peace of mind of knowing we’ve done what’s necessary to provide for our family – and we know we can contact Mike as our family and needs change.”
Mark and Jen D., Wyoming, MI

“Mike is confident and confidence-inspiring, without putting on airs or trying to impress.  He was very understanding of what non-attorneys (and non-estate planning types) find confusing, and presented information clearly by anticipating our needs.  Without Mike’s enthusiasm and continuous communication, I’m not sure we would have ever finished our estate plan.”
Matt and Laura K., Cascade, MI

“Mike is the definition of providing old fashioned customer service. He not only provides a great product (estate plans), but does so by going out of his way to make the process as pleasurable as possible. Estate plans are a very difficult subject, but Mike makes the process informative, understandable, and dare I say, fun?! I feel lucky to have trusted my estate planning needs with him and look forward to a continued relationship in the future.”
Brian and Jenny B., Grand Rapids, MI

“Mike helped us achieve our goal of stewarding God’s resources which He has entrusted to us.  We really liked his professionalism: he was always prepared, was easy to get to know, very personable, organized and we never felt rushed.  He was more thorough, personable, and caring than others we’ve worked with.”
Bill and Virginia C., Middleville, MI

“We are extremely pleased with the services Lichterman Law provided in our Estate planning process and are confident in our ongoing relationship with this firm.  We found Mike to be very organized and thorough, always taking the time to answer our questions and address our needs.  We were impressed with the careful detail Lichterman Law took to ensure a most organized and detailed estate plan.  We are relieved and comforted by the fact that we have a plan in place and look forward to continuing our relationship with the wonderful people at Lichterman Law.  Thanks Mike!”
Chris and Dana E., Forest Hills, MI

We liked that Mike was very personable and took time to answer all our questions and explain things in an understandable way without “talking down” to us.  Not only did Mike’s services exceed our expectations, but he did so while making us feel like we were his only clients.”
Matt and Mandy S., Caledonia, MI

We didn’t know who to go to or who to trust with our son’s future.  Working with Mike gave us peace of mind – and lifted a weight off our shoulders.  Mike is a family man that was always friendly and easy to talk to.  I trust Mike and I feel comfortable discussing any issue with him and I know he will take care of our family.
Dawn N., Jenison, MI

We discovered that estate planning is a painless process, but very thorough and covers all kinds of scenarios.  We now have the benefit of a sense of security knowing that if something happened to us, our children would be taken care of.  Mike was different than previous attorneys we’ve worked with – he didn’t treat us as a paying customer, but instead as a friend.  We enjoyed working with him because of his good sense of humor and ability to relate to us.
Kevin and Lindsey V., Caledonia, MI

We really benefited from Mike helping us work through things and settle on some issues.  Some things we had never thought of or considered before.  We like that he was efficient and considered our needs and wants.  He was able to explain legal issues in easy to understand terms – a great combination of knowledge while being down to earth and compassionate.
Tom and Shelly C., Belmont, MI

We enjoyed working with Mike because he is friendly, personable and explained everything in real-life terms.  His clear, step-by-step approach was helpful and made him very easy to work with.  We are grateful for the added peace of mind we now have, knowing we are prepared and that our children will be cared for by who we want and the way we want if something happens to us.
Roger and Andrea L., Jenison, MI

Time and not knowing what to do had prevented us from moving forward before we worked with Mike – it seemed to always get put on the back burner.  Mike made us feel like we mattered and helped and made it very easy.  His step-by-step process helped us realize that having the added peace of mind of knowing we have everything in place is an attainable goal.
Sara G., Gowen, MI

Mike is knowledgeable, personable and he cheerfully and patiently explained all of the ramifications of the various planning decisions that I made.  I liked that he spent more time and listened to me more than previous professionals, to be sure that the plan reflected my priorities and wishes.  Having a completed, comprehensive plan has given me added peace of mind.
Amy H., Grandville, MI

**The comments above are the opinions of those named and are not a guarantee of a particular service or experience.