There was a great article in the Grand Rapids Press this past Sunday talking about how layoffs are a driving force behind many recent business start-ups (read it here:  The drive, determination, and creativity of the folks in the article is why I limit my business services to only entrepreneurs.  I believe entrepreneurs can benefit most from my approach and that I can bring the most to the table for these drivers of our economy.

This article provides encouragement to thousands who may consider starting their own business, as it shares the stories of folks who have.  Fear is the common barrier between idea and action . . . at least in my experience.  And knowing that others are in the same situation as you and have taken the same “leap” you’re considering, helps alleviate some of that fear.  The layoffs and overall job loss over the past couple of years has allowed the creative spark that lied dormant in so many individuals, to come out and be put into action.

So I ask . . . do you have a great idea for a business?  A new product?  A new service?  A new way of providing a product or service?  What’s holding you back from acting on that great idea and making it the catalyst to take your future into your own hands?  I look forward to comments on this post or via email.  Let’s work together to keep the entrepreneurial spirit strong!

As a side note, if you are curious about entrepreneurship, you should consider the Michigan Small Business Technology and Development Center’s many resources.  The hub just happens to be right here in West Michigan at Grand Valley State University’s downtown campus.  You can find out more here (

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone how important it is to have the proper legal, insurance, financial, and tax foundation when you start your business and as you continue to operate it.  I have a very unique approach to providing business formation and ongoing representation services that enables a start-up to spread out the associated fees and receive the guidance and services they need not only upon start-up, but throughout the critical first years.  Comment on this post, call me, or use our contact us page if you would like more information.