As a Grand Rapids, MI business lawyer, this is a question I’ve been asked quite a bit.  Due to the large number of corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) formed in Michigan every year, it is important to know the requirements of a registered agent.  Why?  Because whether you form a Michigan corporation or a Michigan LLC, you are required to appoint a registered agent.  The law for requiring one for Michigan corporations is here, and the law for requiring one for Michigan limited liability companies is here.

A registered agent can be an individual Michigan resident, or a domestic or foreign corporation (or LLC) authorized to transact business in Michigan.  The registered agent of a Michigan corporation or LLC (I’ll refer to it as the “Company”) is the Company’s agent for the purpose of service of process.  Service of process is the procedure used to give legal notice to the Company of a court or administrative proceeding against it.  In other words, it’s how a Company is notified that it is being sued or that someone is bringing an administrative action against it.

Of course, to “serve process” on a Company, the Company is also required to have a registered office.  Both the name of the registered agent and the street address (and mailing address if different than the street address) of the registered office must be included in the Articles of Organization (if the Company is a LLC) or Articles of Incorporation (if the Company is a Corporation).

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