This will be a short one.  I just read a great blog post by my colleague Gina Madsen in Nevada on this very topic.  I recommend you read it here (  Gina is very good at being short and to the point.  I won’t add much to her article other than a personal example.  I recently had a new client join one of my business membership programs, and boy is he glad he did.  The first matter I worked on for him was a negotiation that resulted in him saving $3,000!  And beyond that – and more importantly – he had the peace of mind of knowing I was taking care of the issue for him.  He expressed many times how he “just didn’t have to worry about it, or think about it . . . I have a business to run,” and “I just want it taken care of. ” And take care of it I did.

Gina also had a followup post on How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Business.  You can read it here (  Gina and I have the same approach to serving our clients – a relationship model built on service.  A trusted adviser that you can turn to without having to worry about getting a bill in the mail every time you do.  Being proactive rather than reactive (and saving serious $$ by doing so).  And she brings up some very important additional considerations.  I particularly agree with her suggestion to work with a business lawyer who has practical business experience.  I think many business owners overlook the beneficial insight such a lawyer can bring to the table.  I know that my business degree and practical experience helping operate a commercial equipment leasing company help me be a legal adviser AND business adviser to my clients.  And their feedback let’s me know they appreciate that added benefit.

After reading those posts (and my comments) you likely find yourself looking for “that type” of lawyer.  Well, if you are in West Michigan, look no further and call our office for a Small Business Review to see if you qualify to work with our firm.  And if you are in Nevada, I recommend that you call Gina.